What I’m looking for

I’ve always been on the run. Searching and searching. I know exactly there’s something missing in my life. Sometimes I don’t even know myself what I’m looking for and then again I know exactly what I want. And nothing can be enough to finally get what I’m looking for. There’s just one that can complete me and that’s you.

If I told you that I’ve climbed the highest mountains and run through the fields only to be with you, then I wouldn’t even be telling half the truth. You grow up and learn that love is the most difficult and wonderful thing on earth. And then there must be this one person that was made for you. That perfect person. Maybe not for everybody, but perfect for you. I always knew there’s this perfect girl for me and I knew she was waiting. So I ran and crawled and I scaled the city walls to look over them and find you. Cause I knew exactly I only wanted to be with you.
But my way to find you is like a long and winding road and sometimes I got off of the track.
There were times that I thought I finally found you. But each woman I had been with only showed me that I was still looking for you. The one, the only, the most perfect. I have kissed honey lips, but they can’t even be compared to yours. I got lost in the arms of other women, felt the healing of their finger tips that made my skin burn like fire. I was burning desire. Not aware that I was only desiring you, that the only remedy against my pain would be you.
Lord knows, I have spoken with the tongue of angels while I was holding the devils hand. How could I even think that was you? You are like light, so bright. All about you is good, even your faults seem like the best thing that could’ve happen to this world. Never ever would you hurt me, like I’ve been hurt on my way to you. But it was warm in the night and that was enough for me at this moment. But I was cold as a stone and freezing from inside. I knew it wasn’t you, I knew even if I wasn’t searching for you I still was. Cause you are the one to set my heart on fire. And I believe in kingdom come, that you and me will be together and live happily ever after. So I keep on running and searching. Even if I feel like you broke the bonds, like this connection between us got lost. I’ve done a lot of mistakes and maybe I don’t even deserve you, but I carry the cross of my shame and I hope to be a better man at the end of the road. So I keep on running and searching. I hope to be as perfect for you as you are to me, but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.


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