If I could turn back the hands of time

“David, I don’t know what you want here. Please leave me alone!” I gave him a fierce look. What did he even think? Why was he here? He was just staring at me with those fiery and soft dark eyes that I loved for so long. With a sigh I tried to close the door. “No Haley, please don’t close that door again.” He blocked the door. “Why, David? Why on earth shouldn’t I? It’s over!” I didn’t expect him to ever show up again. Not after what happened …
“Please Haley, I don’t understand how I could ever let you slip away.” “You didn’t let me slip away, you made me run.” “I know and I wish I wouldn’t have. I feel like I’m sinking. Sinking and never being able to rise again.” “Don’t even try this.” “Try what? To get you back? But I can’t do anything else.” “Yes you can, you can go to hell.” I didn’t mean to be that harsh. He looked at me with a little shock on his face. I thought about saying sorry, but even before I could decide on what to do his expression changed. His eyes started glowing and got piercing. “No Haley, just listen to me. Please just let me talk for a moment. I promise I won’t be bothering you anymore if you tell me to never come back.” Insecurity hit me? I wasn’t sure whether I should’ve let him talk or not. “David, you hurt me so bad. Just let it go.” “Please Haley, just let me talk.” These eyes … way too soft. Way to beautiful. I started fighting myself. I saw the danger of falling for him again. His eyes, his voice and everything about him that always had made me weak. I had just started to become more of myself again. To free me and become a strong individual again. I knew that listening to him could throw me back miles again. But then I thought that I had changed a lot, I felt so much stronger and I should give it a try if I could resist his charm. “Okay David, you got five minutes.” He started grinning. “Thank you so much Haley. I promise you won’t regret this.” He stopped talking and stared at me, still grinning. “Time’s running.” “Don’t you think it’s funny how time goes by and by the wink of an eye you lose all your blessings? That’s what happened to me and if I could turn back the hands of time then you’d still be mine. I’m suffering and every single day I’m praying to get you back. You had so much love and I did you wrong. I know I hurt you and if you don’t wanna take me back then I’ll be facing the rest of my life alone. If I could only turn back time, then I’d never hurt you again, or do you wrong. I’d never leave your side again and do anything for you. If you give me a little spot in your heart again I’ll forever be honest and true to you. If I could only turn back time I’d tell that stupid little David that loving you is the best thing he can ever do. Darling, I’m bagging you to take me back. See I’m going on my knees. Just take me back.” I stared at him. He was right in front of me, on his knees, bagging for forgiveness. Totally overwhelmed I shut the door.
“Darling, you haven’t said no. I’m gonna be right here until you return to me.”


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