Something in your mouth

Oh Susie, what are you doing there? Dancing half naked for all those men. They call you the hottie with the million dollar body. They would pay you just to touch you. Everybody can see your pink thong. And you can’t imagine what’s on their dirty minds. Don’t you know that you are way over budget for anybody? You’re ripping up the dance floor honey and shaking your ass around for everyone. I remember how much you always loved dancing. I could’ve never imagined you’d dance with anybody like you’re doing today. And kissing all these guys like it was nothing. You’re trying to look so innocent while you’re sucking on your thumb. These men are going crazy over it. They wish you’d never pull it out, because you look so much cuter with something in your mouth. Ha! Damn it!
You used to be so cute when you were little. I remember every detail of your face when you were asleep. So soft, innocent and cute. Your thumb still in your half opened mouth. Calmly breathing. My little baby girl.
It’s disgusting to watch these sugar daddies hitting on you all night long. But at least I taught you one thing, not to go for the money. “Always go for the love, Susie.” That’s what I told you. “Don’t care about money, or looks, or anything else. Just follow your heart.” I’m not sure if this is really the place your heart led you to.
Those tattoos on your left hip clearly don’t fit with the little princess you used to be. My little desert flower. The way you looked at me when I told you, you could be anything you want. You asked me if you could really be anything. That smile you gave me when I told you: “Anything as long as you believe in it.” “I’m gonna be a big star in Hollywood, daddy. Or a princess!” That’s what you told me. “You’re going to be a shining star, Susie, my little princess.” I could’ve never imagined your smile could be even brighter. I haven’t seen that smile in a while.
Seems like you don’t love the night scene that much, that being a bar queen can’t be compared to being a princess and that you’re not living for the fun after all.
You’re taking over the dance floor like you’re the only one. Spotlights all on you. Those moments you close your eyes and just keep dancing I can see on your face that you wished to be in another place. The big stage is where you belong. I don’t know when you stopped believing in that. I wish somebody just reminded you. I’m sorry Susie, that I can’t do that myself. I’m sorry that I left you when you needed me so bad. I’m sorry I broke you heart. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you from the world’s evil any longer. I wish I had more time with you. I wish I could talk to you just one more time again. But as much as I wish, I can’t change things. So I just keep watching you here from the clouds.


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