Piú bella cosa

Matheo looked into Giulia’s direction. For a moment he got lost in her perfection. She looked amazing in that white dress. Her skin seemed even more tanned. Her straight black hair was falling over her back.
As if she felt that he was staring at her she turned around. She gave him her brightest smile. He gasped. Her smile took his breath away the first time he met her and from then on it always had. And it always will. Within that smile laid all her beauty. Her intelligence, her kindness, her passion and her enormous love for life. Giulia was the woman he wanted to be with the rest of his life. He loved her like crazy. Matheo wasn’t sure if she knew how deep in love he was with her. The passion he felt for her the moment he met her was still as strong as in that moment. Maybe even stronger. He knew that this feeling would never get lost.
Giulia pointed at him and formed words with her mouth. She was too far away so Matheo couldn’t understand. He tried to show her that he couldn’t hear her. She pointed at her ears and then at the speakers nearby. He concentrated on the song playing. It was their song. Now he knew exactly where that bright smile came from. Sometimes he thought she loved that song more than she loved him. But then he remembered that more than the song itself she loved when he sang it for her.
Matheo began to sing and even though she couldn’t hear him Giulia’s smile got even brighter. How was that even possible? How was it possible that this woman seemed to become more beautiful every time he looked at her? How was it possible that with the years his desire for her became only stronger? It was infinite. It was a mystery to him. She was a mystery. And then again he knew exactly who she was. The wonderful woman that gave him the most beautiful moments of his life. Still singing he walked towards her. Her eyes started sparkling of joy.
To tell her that he loved her would never be enough. He wanted to show her the rest of his life. And he would tell her each and every day that there was nothing more beautiful than her. And there would never be anything more beautiful. She was unique. And if she would let him he’d love her forever.
Thankful for her existence Matheo took Giulia’s hands and looked into those sparkling eyes. Touched she listened to his gentle voice singing the last words of the song to her.



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  1. This was awesome I love it.

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