Today just wasn’t my day

OH MY GOD! For a moment I thought everything was gone. My whole book. All of if.

Well sort of. I just couldn’t open the document. It kept crashing down. I was close to insanity. Closer than usually and that means a lot. Technology and I just don’t work togehter. Maybe I should just go back to pen and paper. Not that I wouldn’t do that regularly.
That’s just how much safer it is to write on a computer. Your documents never get lost or destroyed. Not!
What kind of a joke that is. As if I wouldn’t take care of my handwritten stuff. I rely so much on the safety on my computer and when it crashes down I’m all shocked. I swear I could’ve cried.
And now I could cry because it’s still there. Maybe also because it just wasn’t my day and this was the least thing I wanted to deal with today.


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