Everybody needs a Penny



When I was just seven years old my family and I moved to Nowhereland. That’s what it seemed like to me back than and that’s what I call it today. Out of a flat in the city into a big house on the countryside. The house was a big improvement to what we had before, but the village? Back then I was too excited and too young to even think about the whole far-away-from-a-city issue. What mattered more at that time was that I was far away from any family member, besides my parents and brothers, and of course my friends.
We were on summer break, but soon enough I had to start at a new school. Even though we spent every day outside playing on the street I never met anyone my age, that I could make friends with.
School started and I faced a new class, a new teacher and a weird dialect that confused me more than once. The kids in my class were all quite nice and welcomed me warmly. Long story short only one boy, Joey, remains me today as a true friend. But this is not his story …
So I had found a lot kids that I got along well with, but no friend that I could love dearly. One day my elder brother got sick and had to stay home. In the afternoon I answered the door and there she stood with a big smile on her face: Penny! She lived just down the street and had come to bring my brother his homework. We didn’t talk for very long, but I knew right away that I liked her.
Penny is two years my senior, but we couldn’t have cared less. She was from a big family, just like me. And she had only moved to the village a year earlier. Penny loved to do sports. She played football, she went skating, she danced, she did pretty much everything sport-related.
In the shortest of time we became really good friends. I can’t remember a day of my childhood that I didn’t at least see her. She was just down the road and always up for playing.

Who of you has seen “The Big Bang Theory”? Through there is currently no way around it, I bet all of you. And in case you haven’t seen it, give it a try. It’s worth it.
You all should know Penny then. Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is that super hot chick, that lives right next to the nerds. And even through she is so different to the nerds they become good friends. Mostly because Leonard has a crush on her.
Besides being absolutely beautiful, Penny appears to be really cool. She’s girly on one side and loves fashion. But then again she’s into sports, drinks like a man and would be a great choice as partner in crime. Penny is someone you can rely on. Someone you shouldn’t mess with. The nerds may make her look a bit stupid, but she is not at all. She actually is quite clever.
The only thing that might make her look not so clever is her choice of men. She really has some bad luck with men. Can you even call it that? I mean, she always goes for the same kind of guy until she finally gives Leonard a chance.

And that’s what my Penny is like. Beautiful, clever, caring, kind and the best friend someone could ever have. Penny is like sunshine. She brightens up a room when she enters. And her smile never fails to cheer me. I can hardly believe that anybody sees her differently. Penny also had some bad luck with men, but I have no doubt that there’s a Leonard for her. I’m not thinking of a nerd, just someone who loves her with all his heart.
Penny is not only my oldest friend, she is my best friend. She is my sister. Extended family. I’m the nerd and she is the beauty, but nothing can tear us apart.
Our lives might have gone into different directions, but our friendship remains. I know whatever happens she will be there. And nothing could make me turn against her.
Different people have tried to interfere in our friendship. Most can hardly understand what keeps us together, or what brought us together in first place. Penny once told me that one of her friends turned to her and told her I was weird and too smart. She was furious and told her friend that this was exactly why she loved me.
We might have our faults, we might be totally different, but in the end we’re the same, cause we couldn’t love each other more.


About jakeisfree

I’m just your friendly neighbourhood weirdo. Trying to figure life out as I go. Tired of doing things the way they are “supposed” to be done. Conquering the world one day at a time seated on my unicycle.

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