Dr. Gregory House is probably the coolest Doctor ever. Throughout the series House (Hugh Laurie) is pictured as the brilliant asshole. He makes inappropriate jokes, doesn’t care about his patients at all, but in the end he finds a solution to every medical problem.
If I was sick and nobody could tell me what’s wrong with me, I’d love a Doctor like House. Well actually I’d go and see him anytime. If you ask me he’s not that bad after all. He’s just very good at hiding the good inside of him. House makes it seem as if he is not interested in dealing with his patients, because he doesn’t need to see them to heal them and because they would lie about their stories anyway. But truth be told the main reason he doesn’t want to deal with them is, because they would become real persons and that would make it harder if he fails to help them. Often enough the first time his patients get to see him is the moment that he finally found out what’s wrong with them and how he could help them. Helping his patients is more than a game for him. He does care.
He puts on a show, that’s all. He makes fun of his friends and the people close to him, but only to cover how much he needs them. His best friend Wilson is well aware of that.
So in the end House is brilliant man with a great humor and a caring personality and a good friend. He’s more sensitive than he’ll ever admit. And less of an asshole than most see in him.
All in all Dr. House is one of my favorite characters on TV.
The better that I got my own House. Well my House is not a doctor, but her head is probably just as bright. And you read it right: her! My House is female. And I don’t think anybody would call her an asshole.

We met at the university. She was the friend of a newly made friend. I recall the day we first met very well. It was a day full of excitement, nervousness and great fun. And it was the start of amazing friendships.
It was the last day of our first semester. The day before spring break. And also the day we wrote our last exam. We were studying the same, but managed not to meet ever before. The plan was: Get the exam done, then meet up with my new friend and her friend and later on meet some of my friends to celebrate the end of exams. I didn’t know what to expect of House, so I didn’t expect anything. I ended up having a great time. Those two gave me the feeling I could be myself and I talked as much as I hadn’t in a really long time. It was so easy having a good time with them. We spent a lot longer sitting together than we had actually planned. And when I finally went to meet up with my other friends I was quite sad that they couldn’t join me. The day ended not even half as good as I thought is would. We had fun, but I had more fun with my new friends.
No need to tell you that after the spring break I found myself in a new community. I kept in touch with the friends I made in the first semester, but my new friends meant a lot more to me. We were sticking together like glue. House turned into a very important person in my life. And she still is. The group we found ourselves in was more than just friends. We were “the gang” as one of the guys called us. All of the gang members were far away from home and family. We were all studying the same and so we spent pretty much all our time together. We were friends and family at the same time. House was my sister. And she never let me down. We could fight, but never be mad at each other. I’m not even sure if we ever had a serious fight. I guess I should remember if we did.

House is …. Well she is special. She always says that’s sort of offending, but I don’t think it is. She can hardly see all the wonderful things about herself. And she tries her best not to show how sensitive she is. But I love this side about her. I love how caring she is. I love her sense of humor. And I love her brilliant mind. She got a special place in my heart. And she always will.
And besides … my House got no drug addiction.

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I’m just your friendly neighbourhood weirdo. Trying to figure life out as I go. Tired of doing things the way they are “supposed” to be done. Conquering the world one day at a time seated on my unicycle.

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