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Why did he do that?

“Girls, are you around? I need to talk.” I looked at the message on my phone. It was twenty minutes old. With relief I noticed that there were more missed messages. So she had received answer already. But it was about time that I joined the conversation. I had a feeling that something was absolutely wrong with Haley. And I had a guess what it could be.
I opened the first message and went to the start of the conversation. Jen had answered Haley only five minutes ago. I didn’t miss much. They had started the conversation with the usual phrases and therefor Jen had only asked what was wrong with Haley. I saw that Haley was typing in her next message. If I said hi now she’d most probably delete the message to greet me and we’d have to ask her again. So I waited.
“It’s Victor. I don’t know what to do with him. I’m so mad at him I could cry.” I knew it! It was always Victor. I was weirdly annoyed with him by now. Not because I heard too much of him lately, but because he treated my friend not the way she deserved to be treated. I was on the best way to hate that guy I had never met. “What did he do?” I asked and added the obligatory greetings. “Hi Jacky, good to have you here. Yeah Haley, what did he do this time?” Jen must have been as annoyed as I was. I knew that she never really trusted him in the first place. The moment Haley had mentioned him first she seemed to hold back her negative feelings towards him. Haley had been so over the moon that she never noticed and now it didn’t bother her. “I told you that there is this new play that made us work together. And one of the actresses, Tanja, was trying on a dress. I was making sure that there were no changes needed. Victor was supposed to try his costume on right after.” she said. “I bet he came too early, did he?” I asked her. “He did.” She answered. I was waiting for more and Jen seemed to do the same. “He just came in and stared at Tanja. Then he told her how beautiful looking she was in that dress, but he’d like it better if she wasn’t wearing it.” “He said that right in front of you?” I asked in disbelieve. “He’s such an idiot.” Was all Jen said. “And that’s not even all.” “It’s not? What else happened?” I had asked myself the same question. “Well as you can imagine I was quite mad, but I didn’t want to make a scene or anything. So I just told time that it wasn’t yet his turn and he should wait outside. Instead he just said “I bet it doesn’t bother Tanja. Does it?” and he started undressing.” “He did not!” said Jen. “He did! I swear I could’ve thrown something at him.” “I would have.” “And how did he say it?” I asked Haley. “What you mean how did he say it? It doesn’t matter. We all know him, we know why he did that. And he fucking undressed in front of that Tanja girl, only to make Haley go mad.” “Well they’re actors. I’d say it’s not that unusual for them to get changed while somebody is watching. And most of them anyway have less problems with showing their bodies. So it might have meant nothing to him.” I answered her. “Well there’s a truth about that. So what did he say it like, Haley? By the way hi girls.” said Annie. Perfect timing. United forces against the bad guy.
“He was having this stupid grin on his face. And he winked at her. But before he started undressing he gave me this look. I felt so bad and I couldn’t even have told you why. I mean why was he doing that anyway? Just to hurt me?” This was one of the hardest moments in our friendship. The moments you know your friends are feeling bad and you just want to hug them, but you can’t because they’re miles away.
“I’m sorry honey. And I know I’m repeating myself, but maybe you should leave him.” “Yes Haley, just leave him. He’s no good for you.” agreed Jen. “Annie and Jen are right, he hurts you on purpose. That’s not what a relationship should be like.”
“What do you even know about relationships, Jacky!” Haley told me. That hit home.