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“Hea girls, how are you all doing?” “Hi Haley. I’m doing great. How about you?” “Brilliant. What about you, Jen? Annie?” “I’m so exciteeeeed!” answered Jen. Annie remained silent. Now that Jen mentioned it I felt the excitement within myself. The game would soon start and as so often the girls and I came together just in time. Just seconds later Haley confirmed that she was just as excited. “I know! Just like me. Can’t wait for the game to start.” “I wish it would start already.” Jen said. “Same here.” Annie brought in. “Does one of you know who’s playing?” she asked. “Yeah good question. Who’s going to play?” Haley said. “Well I don’t know. Jacky?” “No major changes to the last match. But does it really matter? All our boys are great.” I told them. And it was as I said. We had a great team and could easily replace an injured player. But of course we all had our favorites. “And there comes Manu. Awwww I think he forgot his Nutella.” Jen said. The girls started laughing. “I’m telling you Jen, he hates that stuff.” “Nooooo Jacky, don’t say that. How could anybody hate Nutella?” “I’m with Jen. Love, love, love it!” I saw that coming. It wasn’t the first time we discussed this and Haley was always the first one to declare her love for Nutella. But I was pretty sure that both of the girls would swap her jars of Nutella for Manu any time. And as so often there was no word from Annie. She would just pick the topic back up later again. “He used to love it, then he ate too much, got sick and now he hates it.” I said as serious as I could, never believing they would buy that. The girls started laughing again. “No way. Poor Manu.” Jen said in a break of laughter. “How do you know?” asked me Haley. “Oh the last time I talked to him on the phone I mentioned that some of his fans mean to send him Nutella and said “Oh no! Please, lord! No more of that stuff.” And then he explained me what happened to him. So girls, you can keep the Nutella for yourself.” I earned more laughter. “But no …. He seems so happy with his Nutella.” Jen finally said and Haley was quick to agree with her. “Well besides being a brilliant keeper, he also seems to be a great actor then.” “A brilliant keeper, indeed. He’s the best. And I agree with you Jen. How couldn’t you like it and he indeed seems happy with it.” Annie said totally unexpected. She always seems to be lost and then she is suddenly back in the conversation. “Oh look, the rest of the team is warming up. Hurry up guys. I wanna see the game!” Haley said. And as I was looking on the TV screen I saw that she was right. On both sides of the field player were warming up. Red and white. The camera zoomed in an showed a well-known face. “Bastian promised me a goal.” I told the girls with a wink. “Oh my god, that would be so awesome.” Annie replied. “What about Thomas? I’d love to see him score.” She added. “Yeah, what about Thomas? I want a Müller goal.” Jen agreed. “Me too!” “I didn’t get to talk to him. I’m sorry.” I said. “Oh no, too bad. But maybe he’ll score anyway.” Jen said with a smile. “I hope so. Did you talk to anybody else, Jacky?” Haley asked me. “No only Manu and Bastian. And I couldn’t have asked Manu to score, could I?” “But I bet he would love to.” Jen said and Haley and I joined her laughter.
“Could they please just start the game? I can’t wait any longer. I feel like I’m gonna explode, because I’m so excited.” Haley said. “Same here. I’m tired and excited at the same time. I’m glad I got you girls to keep me awake.” “Oh yeah right, it’s late at yours, isn’t it? What time is it again?” Haley asked. I looked at the clock and answered for Jen. “It’s half past ten at Jen’s.” “That’s right Jacky.” I knew there was a two hour difference between the two of us and six hours between me and the other two. “Oh I hate these time differences. I keep forgetting what time it is at your places.” “I agree with you Haley. I wish we were all in the same place.”
And this was something I could only agree on.