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Heading to the same place

She rose early that day. Everybody else was still asleep and the house lay quiet. She could’ve done with a couple of hours more sleep, but that was not an option and then again she was glad to end this constant wandering between awake and asleep.
The house was still sleeping when she closed the door behind herself and stepped into the darkness. It was raining. Of course it was. The streets were empty. Barely a soul was up. She hurried her way down to the bus stop. Time was not an issue, but at least she’d be protected from the rain. The bus pulled over the second she arrived at the stop. She would’ve missed it if she hadn’t hurried. Thanks to the rain after all.
“Good morning! 2,70 please.” she greeted the driver. She was surprised how happy she sounded. The driver gave her a friendly smile and the ticket. She took the first seat she could find and they rushed through the early morning.
“It’s way too early.” She thought, only to remember that there had been a time when she would be on the bus even earlier than this. A different time. A different place. A different destination.
But where she was heading would bring her back to the times long past.
The pounding rain against her window and the squeaking of the wipes brought her back to where she was. “Poor driver, he’ll have to listen to this all day long. It would drive me insane.” she thought. She looked around. The bus was surprisingly full now. All on their way to work. Most seemed to know each other by sight. A little bus gang of early workers. And they talked. And talked. And they wouldn’t stop. She’d never liked talking at this time of the day. But obviously she was the only one on this bus, who thought that way.
The lights flashing by carried her off again. Did the green of the traffic light always look so blue? And the street lights looked rather orange. She’d seen that before. But she couldn’t remember if those lights were meant to look that way.
What did she say? What was the next stop? All of a sudden she realised that she had no clue where exactly she was. Shit! What time was it? No, she couldn’t be there yet.
Two stops later she finally had to get off. And then she hurried through the streets again. On her way to the next bus. She had never seen town this empty. There had always been a stream of people carving their way through the city. Today it seemed dead to her. “It’s the time.” she reminded herself. Soon town would be as alive as ever before.
Then she found herself waiting again. In the rain. Getting wetter and wetter with every single minute.
And she wasn’t alone. More and more people joined her at the bus stop. Most were quiet, but then a group of young people came. They talked to each other excitedly. With a smile she recognised their language. They would all be on the same flight. They were all trying to catch the same plane. Heading to the same place.
She looked around. In fact all those people were heading to the same place.
A place called home.


Hometown Glory

The woman with the long, thick, black hair crossed the street. She had walked this way thousands of times in the past. But today was different from the many times before. She wasn’t in a rush and every step seemed to be well placed. Automatically she missed out the cracks in the pavement. It had been a while, but she remembered the way so well. She couldn’t believe she had forgotten how much she loved these streets, this city, but now that she was back it filled her with pride to call this place her home. This was where she belonged.
She stopped in front of an old building. As a little child she had been scared of it. Bobby Dowling once told her that a whole family got killed there and their souls never left the building. The ghosts of the family were still walking through the house and wouldn’t want anybody to ever live there again.
An old lady tapped her shoulder. “Is there anything I can do for you, dear? Is there anyone I could call?” “No, and thank you, please madam, I ain’t lost, just wandering.” The old lady nodded, gave her a smile and moved on.
“There are so many memories at this place and they seem so fresh” she thought. Then all the people she had met came to her mind. These wonderful, wonderful people. “They are the wonders of my world!”
She detached her eyes from the old building and moved on. Slowly as she did before. The air was thick and opaque, but she liked it. That’s just what she knew her city like. There were so many little details that she loved about this city. For example on a sunny day when everybody wears short skirts and shorts, the shades thrown on the street, the smell and the happy faces. But most of all she liked it in the city when two worlds collide. “There are always different sides whether you look at the people or the government. It shows that people are not just going to stand everything. That they’ll take everything and not say a word about it. And it shows that the people unite to fight against the things they just can’t take. The people in this city are alive and strong and right there in the moment. The people in this city are what makes this place so special.” she thought. The people in this city were the reason the women with the long, thick, black hair and the big brown eyes called this place her home.
As she walked on she gave a stranger a smile. Those people were the wonders of her world.