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A man like Mario

„I just want a man like Mario.“ said Haley. I couldn’t exactly remember how we got there, but it was no news to me that Haley fancied Mario. We started talking about our team and the player, then went on to player we lost to different teams and here we are again talking about the Ex-Bayern- Beau Mario Gomez. His move to Fiorentina seems to be ages ago and still you find enough fans moaning about it as if it just happened. Mostly female fans. And the stories ranked around his move make it an even better topic to keep alive.
I’ve heard of lots of fans that follow him and his new team now to see how he was doing. Again, mostly female fans. Haley was one of them. As far as I could tell she tried to see him play as often as she could.
“But you don’t even know him.” I told her. “But look at him! He’s so handsome and all.” “I’ve heard he’s arrogant. Actually I heard that a lot. I can’t tell, I haven’t met him. But what if it’s true?” “Then he’s at least nice to look at.” Haley laughed. “Ah come on, you can’t be serious.” “Why not?” For a second I asked myself the same question. Why not? Because society tells us personality should always be worth more than looks? Because of something people say and then don’t give a shit about it? It is her personal decision and nobody should question it. But it bothered me. It didn’t feel right and I could at least give her my reasons. Not that they were very original …
“What do you want with a man with good looks, but a shitty personality?” “Great looks.” she said. “What if he is really, really stupid? Wouldn’t that annoy you?” “Probably yes.” She laughed again.
“I’d be so annoyed. Couldn’t deal with a stupid man. Hi girls!” said Jen all of a sudden. I sent the message I had just finished. “What if he treats you badly? Could his looks make that up?” Then I added: “Jen! You are there. How are you today?” Haley showed a similar reaction. “Hi Jen, nice to see you. How are you doing?” Her next message was an answer on my previous question. “And Jacky, I guess I’d be a little annoyed.” “I’m with Jacky looks can’t make up a bad personality. You need a good combination of both. And I’m doing fine. Just came back home.” “Thanks Jen! By the way I don’t even think he is that good looking.” “WHAT?” Haley’s reaction was pure shock. “He looks alright. Doesn’t hurt to look at him, but handsome? Nah, not really.” “You are joking, aren’t you?” asked me Haley. Jen was only laughing. “No I’m serious.” “What’s wrong with you? How can you not … I mean he’s beautiful.” “Not everybody can fancy him, Haley.” Jen said. “That’s true.” “And I’m one of those who doesn’t” I said. “I’m really shocked right now.” “No need to be, love.” “Yeah, now you know that you don’t have to fear Jacky stealing him from you Haley.” We all laughed. “He’s all yours.” I told Haley. “Hey what about me?” asked Jen. “Do you fancy him too, Jen?” asked Haley. And at the same time I asked: “Do you want him?” “Naaaaa, not really. Besides if his personality is shit his looks don’t matter anyway.” “Sounds like he is all yours Haley.” She laughed. “Great.” “So you can deal with a bad personality?” asked Jen. “To be honest, no. I want a good guy. But with the right looks. So a man who looks like Mario and is kind and all.” “I’m glad to hear this matters to you. And could still be that Mario actually is beautiful on the inside.” I said. “Yeah you are right.” “And if not …. Well, looks are enough for a one-night stand.”