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What’s the story with blocking people anyway?

So the other day I was watching “Black Mirror”, which by the way is awesome! Those of you who have seen it before know that pretty much all episodes revolve around some imaginary advanced technology. So in this one particular episode people were able to block people from their lives. The blocked person was not only, not able to send messages to the person that blocked them, but they also couldn’t see them. The two persons could be standing right in front of each other shouting and still they wouldn’t be able to see or hear the other person. All they could see would be a blurred, featureless shape and all they could hear would be tuned down unintelligible sound. Not a chance to get around the block. It is basically an extreme version of the block function we already have.

The idea and invention of this function is great. It helps you to protect yourself from harassment through social media. Before we had this function the only thing one could do was to ask the other person to stop texting, calling, etc. But if that didn’t help there wasn’t much to do other than changing your number, or deleting your account. The block function gave harassed people their power back. You were back in charge, without another person pushing you to take more drastic steps.
But it seems to me it’s gotten a little out of control. The block function is being misused. Of course you are free to block whoever you want. But why? Why does one feel the need to block a person if nothing really happened? Because the person said something you didn’t like? Because you had a fight? Because you just don’t want to deal with them?
What a load of bullshit! Whatever happened to talking things out? Fighting till there is fucking nothing left to fight over? Instead we make sure that we can’t be reached?
And what does this say about us? People prefer to cut somebody out of their lives rather than dealing with them. We avoid conflict and sometimes we just want to be a little dramatic, after all there’s still the option to unblock. And how grateful they’ll be once you unblock them. Aren’t you just a kind human being for giving them another chance. Me bollocks! It would’ve been much more admirable if you would’ve given them the chance to explain themselves in the first place. But nope blocking it is, I guess. Blocking, blocking and some more blocking.
I’d like to think that if we had the option to block somebody in real life people wouldn’t use it. But then again, wouldn’t they? It’s become quite a normal thing to do and who’s to say that the next stage couldn’t become normal too.
Personally I think anybody who decides I’m not worth dealing with, or listening to, can’t have much respect for me. I’d much rather fight with someone till we both need a break, find myself ignored for a bit and then talk it out with cool heads. At least then I know the other person cares enough to want to make up.
There you go people of the world, I’ll leave you with that …