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Every breath you take

In the shadow of the tree there was a dark figure. Constantly looking at the house. Its light reflected in Charlie’s eyes. He was standing there nearly motionless, blended into the scenery. Nobody could’ve seen him there, if they didn’t know where to look at. Hours passed without anything special happening. The only thing noticeable and somehow impressing was that Charlie didn’t move an inch. His eyes were fixed on the big window. Caught by the light like a fly. Pushed by his desire not to miss anything happening inside.
Then something happened and Charlie became electrified. The excitement finally made him move. Nearly impossible to see, but still a move. He would not miss what Karen did next. What was she doing now? Usually she was going to bed around this time and Charlie guessed that she’d go upstairs to the bathroom now. He’d need to climb on the tree then to still see what she was doing. But that was no problem. He had done that often before and knew the easiest way up.
But before Karen reached the stairs she turned around and looked out of the window. She was looking right at him. Charlie wasn’t sure if she could see him, but she must have felt he was there. She must have felt his presence. Of course she did. They had a connection. They belonged together. She belonged to him. And now she looked at him. She wanted him to know that she knew he was there.
It was just a short look then she turned around and walked up the stairs. As fast as he could Charlie climbed up the tree. And before the bathroom light turned on he and the tree became one. Her daily routine began and he didn’t miss a single move. Before she left the room she looked over her shoulder. That look was meant for him. She knew he was there.
Karen also turned on the light in the bedroom. She wanted him to see her. She knew he was there and she wanted him to see her. Why else would she turn on the light?
She undressed. Her clothes fell on the ground and her long, blonde hair softly stroked her back. Another look over the shoulder. Another look at him. Charlie remembered that she had done this quite often in the past. And she every time she had wanted him to follow her.
It was clear to him why she did that now. She wanted him to come. She wanted him to follow her up the stairs and into the bedroom. She knew he was there, she wanted to be seen and she wanted him to follow. She was playing a little game. The come and catch me game. Charlie never lost in any game.
The light turned off and Charlie jumped down the tree. He would follow her. He would do whatever she wanted. And she wanted him to join her in the bedroom.
He rushed around the house and searched for the keys. It didn’t take him long, cause he saw Karen hiding it. Silently he opened the door and entered the living room. Before he headed to the stairs he went to the couch. It was still a bit warm where Karen sat. She had eaten chocolate. Her favorite kind. He put a piece into his mouth and then went to the stairs.
He stood right in front of the bedroom. Just one more step and she would be able to see him. Charlie tried to imagine what he’d see next. She was waiting in her bed for him. He could hear her breathe. With one eye he looked through the door. There she was. On her bed. Waiting for him.
She was laying on her side, facing the opposite direction of where Charlie was standing. Another part of her game. She was pretending to sleep already. But she wasn’t. She was waiting for him to come.
He sneaked into the room. She had her eyes closed. All part of the game. She was awake.
He scanned every bit of her. Her slim body under the blanket. Her beautiful face. The soft golden hair. He wanted to touch it. He wanted to feel the softness. Just one time. Charlie stretched out his hand and ran with his fingers through her hair. She turned around and a loud scream broke the silence. What was she doing? Why was she screaming? She was supposed to be happy to see him. She needed to stop. She needed to be silent. Charlie needed to do something. And he did.