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My friend Ted …



My friend Ted has got an interesting personality. Like probably every person in this world. But his is interesting in the way that makes nearly everybody want to know him better. He’s got charisma, that is for sure. You meet him and then he wraps you around his little finger. And things always turn out good for Ted. At least that’s what it seems.
The circumstances in that we met were rather unconventional. We support the same team and that’s what brought us together. It was more of a shallow friendship at first, if you can even call it like that. We talked about the latest match and upcoming ones, the player and the league. Nothing special. But as it happens a lot of my friendships started like this.
At some point Ted and I started talking about our lives. Not long after that we stopped talking at all. Not even a word. Silence for month. More than half a year later we started talking again. All of a sudden. None of us even mentioned the silence. Possibly because both of us saw ourselves as the reason why. I never attempted starting a conversation and so did he. I invited him to come to my place and Ted came. Now you need to know that we lived quite far from each other’s. And now even farer. So it was sort of a big deal. He stayed for a week. This week was all crazy and fascinating and weird and it was the start of our friendship the way it is now. We both haven’t had a very good time during the silence. Not because we were so sad about it, but because we individually faced life’s struggles. And as it happens we gave each other the feeling that we could talk about it. We went for long walks and we talked and talked and talked. We exchanged ideas, inspired each other and most important listened. Ted often tells me he wishes we were on one of our walks, cause life seemed so peaceful back then.
Ted didn’t go back home, but instead went on an adventurous travel. This time was a life-changing experience for him. And all this time I was his person. The person he could turn to when he felt down and out of energy. I’m happy he gave me that chance. It gave me the possibility to truly get to know him. I got to see his soul. Something that he rarely grants anybody.
Sometimes I felt helpless. How should I comfort somebody miles and miles away? How can you convince someone everything will be alright, when you are so very worried about that person? I found a way and it seemed to work.
Now he is back from his travels. Which doesn’t mean that we are any closer in matters of distance. And it also doesn’t mean that there’s no more reason to ask for advice. But we certainly laugh a lot more these days.

And here’s the funny part: Ted is not his actual name. It’s not even any close to his name. And I never call him Ted. But he reminds me very much of Ted Mosby from “How I met your mother”. In case you haven’t watched the show, it’s about Ted telling his kids in a nearly endless story how he met their mother and what crazy things happened to him and his friends along the way.
Can I imagine my friend doing the exact same thing? Oh yes I can! The only difference would probably be that his kids would be less bored. (Through I have to confess that I never understood the kids in the show.)
But the main reason why I see him as Ted is his desire to find the perfect girl. I can imagine that we all are looking for our perfect fits and are somehow amazed by the idea of true love. That is human nature. We don’t want to be alone. But in Ted’s case this has an obsessive character. He just tires very, very hard to find love. He loves the idea so much, that he sees love at every corner and therefore goes through an awful lot of women. Ted is on a rollercoaster of emotions. One moment he is high on love and the next downcast. And I am on that rollercoaster with him. Excited when he is and ready to catch him in case he falls.
At this very moment there is a girl that he referred to as the one. I hope she really is the one. Not because I’m tired of hearing his stories about the girls that all were “the one”, but because I want him to be happy. And if she is not the one, then I am ready to catch his fall once more.
But I am certain at some point this rollercoaster ride will have an ending.
I mean … even “How I met your mother” finally came to an end.