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Long time no talk

„Hey everybody, we weren’t talking for a while. Hope you’re all good.” Annie knew that I was good. We had only talked the day before. But I answered her anyway. “Hey, yeah I’m good. How about the rest of you?” There had been an unusual silence between the four of us. I had only talked to Annie and between the lines I could read that she was worried. Worried that I was mad at Haley. That I refused to talk to her. Well I didn’t. But I also didn’t know what to tell her. I had the feeling that she was avoiding me. That could be wrong though.
There was no answer yet. Jen was probably busy. She usually was around this time. And Haley? I couldn’t tell. Maybe my feeling was not that bad after all. But what could I do about it? Say sorry? What for? Being unqualified of giving relationship advices? Well in her eyes …
Annie was for sure waiting for an answer from Haley’s side as well. Hoping that we’d break the silence.
To my surprise Jen answered a few minutes later. “Hey girls! I’m great. What are you up to? And where is Haley?” “I’m just having a break from writing. What about you? And I don’t have a clue. I thought she would be around.” “I just had my last patient. Am on my way home now. I thought the same. Maybe she’s just busy.” Or she was ignoring us. Most likely Jen was thinking so. “Oh you finished early today. That’s great!” “Hm yeah, but there’s work waiting for me at home. Need to go through some patient files. It’s rather annoying work.” “How long will it take you?” “Pretty much all evening and then there will still be work left for tomorrow. I’m always pushing the paperwork aside, till I can no longer ignore it.” “What kind of paperwork is it?” “Transferring my notes into the files and updating them. Totally boring.” I laughed. “That’s what it sounds like.” “So what were you writing on? I bet it’s a lot more interesting than my work?” “Just some article. Not very interesting I’m afraid. But I can send it to you all the same, if you want me to.” “Oh yes please. I enjoy reading your articles no matter what they’re about.” “Even if it was about watching the grass grow?” I asked her. That made her laugh. “I bet it would be a masterpiece.” “I’ll write something about it and you judge.” “Can’t wait for that. Hey where is Annie gone? I mean she started this conversation and now she’s gone.” “I’m not surprised. That’s just her way.” “You’re right I shouldn’t have been surprised either.”
“I’m still around girls! I’m at the airport and I was just checking in. Now I’ve got some free time till the boarding.” said Annie all of a sudden. Always a reply when you think she’s not around. It was as if she was there all the time, but chose her moments of reply by some weird criteria. Whatever her criteria were I hadn’t found out yet. “You’re at the airport? Where are you going?” I asked her. Actually it was no big surprise she was at the airport. She spent more time on planes than she did in her own home. Pilots and stewardesses must be treating her like an old friend. “I’m on my way to Germany.” she answered. “Oh what are you doing there? Are you gonna go and see a match?” Jen asked her. “I hope I’ll find some time for that. But well work is waiting for me. And of course my little Adeline.” “Are you picking her up?” I asked her. “Yes I am. And it’s about time she spent the longest time with David.” “Did David make any problems?” asked Jen. I had asked myself the same question and was already expecting the answer yes. “No for a change he didn’t make any problems. Well so far. We’ll see what happens when I’m there. I just hate the fact that I always have to expect problems with him. As if I wouldn’t have other things to worry about. But well Adeline needs her father in her life and therefor I have to deal with him.”